Water is the essence of life and one of the few necessities humans need for survival. Water is not only required for hydrating and hygiene purposes but additionally used in many cultures for its healing qualities.

While traveling through India I have been reminded through sacred lakes, rivers and rituals just how holistically purifying water is for the mind and body and how appreciative I am for this resource.

In light of this I’ve written a few simple rituals that can be implemented daily to create a more mindful relationship with the water in which you ingest, soak and frolick in.

1. Drink purified water. Investing in a water filter for your home can greatly reduce your bodies chemical load and ensure the water you ingest is healing not harming you.

2. Boost your waters healing power by adding some detoxifying lemon, digestive calming mint or a few drops of antibacterial & anti-fungal oregano oil.

3. Drink water from a copper vessel. It is common knowledge in India that water left in a copper vessel for a minimum of 4 hours absorbs the metals medicinal qualities. Copper has been shown to possess antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Create your own bathing ritual to purify your mind and body. Bathing is a ancient tradition practised throughout many cultures; in Sanskrit language bathing is known as “Snanam”. In Vedic culture bathing is considered a sacred act to be accompanied by meditation, providing not only physical cleanliness but strength, sensitivity, longevity and effulgence.

* Light some candles and incense
* Add some essential oils like lavender to your bath
* Take a notebook in and write down anything that is playing on your mind to release it
* Submerge your body and begin a simple breathing meditation
* Set an intention for the week ahead

5. Above all, be grateful for having access to clean water and be conservative. Many countries have parasite ridden waterways and some no water at all. We are very lucky, we mustn’t abuse that privilege.