Kind words

Kind words from clients.

Prior to seeing Ema, I felt hopeless about my health. I was a long-term asthma sufferer, had weak immunity, poor digestion, imbalanced hormones, stubborn acne & I didn’t really believe in natural remedies. Now, because of Ema’s wisdom, I’ve eliminated those complications to the point in which I have forgotten they ever existed. Ema’s approach to healing is systematic yet extremely empathic & caring. She goes beyond what is expected of a health professional & I can honestly say I couldn’t be on this journey without her.

Zoe, 20

The consultation, advice and listening ear was exactly what I needed. I had lost my period & was transitioning into menopause, however after the supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice you gave me my period returned! I am
Soooooo happy! Thank you, Ema, for breaking the stereotype in my head of what most Naturopaths are normally like.

Michele, 40

I love my appointments with Ema, she is a kind, respectful practitioner that just gets you. There’s a sense of calmness & gentleness that Ema brings with her when consulting. I got the results I wanted after my first appointment, which was getting my period back after losing it for a year! Ema works with you and your lifestyle needs to help find balance. I’ve gained a reliable and understanding naturopath for future needs, I can’t recommend her enough, she’s been amazing for me.

Lilly, 26

I came to Ema feeling deflated, lethargic & lost in my overall health. Ema provided a wealth of personalised education, always greeted me with a positive & genuine nature so I felt comfortable & empowered to make positive changes for my health. Ema’s knowledge & guidance allowed all my health goals to be achieved, specifically, for my period to return after 18 months. I live outside Sydney, however, Ema ensures we are able to consistently Skype & is there to answer questions in between appointments to ensure I feel well supported.

Nicole, 26

Specialists diagnosed me with ‘the worst endometriosis seen in someone 24 years & younger’ & was advised I would need IFV if I ever wanted a baby. I was concerned about infertility as my husband & I had not fallen pregnant in 5 years. Em was amazing, kind, compassionate & clever. Her analysis & functional tests went beyond the typical GP. 4 cycles after seeing Ema we discovered we were expecting a little boy. I encourage anyone with fertility or female health hiccups to speak with her.

Jess, 24

Ema is such a nurturing and highly skilled practitioner. Not only have I noticed amazing changes in my health, but she has also taught me practical skills that I can implement to keep my body in balance for life. Ema’s approach is a breath of fresh air!

Brooke, 26

Ema has honestly changed my life. She has helped me in so many different aspects, I would not be where I am today without her. Her generosity, kindness, and understanding of my problems made me feel safe and comfortable in her space. Can not recommend her enough

Phoebe, 19

Before meeting Ema, I was a bit all over the place. I didn’t understand how to manage stress and harness my health to be my best self. Ema was so kind, a great listener and offered sage and realistic advice and recommendations. She makes a tasty hot cacao drink too! Since my experience with you, I’ve had better sleeps, use your stress management exercises daily and am on the path for a healthier life!

Chloe, 26

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