Say goodbye to those harsh alcoholic toners and start using a more natural approach.

Rose water has been used for many different purposes for centuries – from adding flavour to indian and turkish dishes to helping with anxiety and depression. However I believe its best purpose is for calming aggravated skin.

I spritz it on my face morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean and most importantly it dosent irritate and dry your face out like so many other harsh toners.  Rose water has anti inflammatory  and astringent properties which is helpful for anyone who suffers from acne or unwanted spots.

Some other benefits from using rose water are :

• Can be used for eye infections (just soak a soft cotton round and place over the eye)
• Heals sunburn, bug bites, and rashes
• Soothes inflamed sore throats (use it as a gargle)
• Relieves PMS symptoms, menopausal symptoms, and gently balances hormones
• Relieves menstrual cramps and improves mood swings
• Improves depression and anxiety (breathe in the fragrance while spraying it on your skin)
• Soothes capillaries
• Improves circulation
• Curbs skin and bladder infections
• Natural remedy for diarrhea and ulcers
• Adds shine to hair (just spritz it on)
• Enriches the body with nutrients
• Soothes digestive problems
• Relieves tooth ache

And another big bonus is it is about a quarter the price of most toners on the market. I buy a bottle for £3 from my local healing shop.

If its good enough for Cleopatra, its good enough for me.