Women's Health Naturopath, Nutritionist & Fertility Awareness Educator

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Hello, I'm Ema


I’m a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator.

My mission in life is to help women understand their incredible body and how to best care for it naturally, so they can feel happy, healthy and balanced every day.




Worldwide Naturopathic & Nutrition Consultations 

Worldwide specialised face to face naturopathic and nutritional support via zoom.

Through lifestyle, nutrition and herbal medicine I can support you with the following:

  • Women’s Reproductive Health
  • Hormonal imblances
  • Menstrual cycle imbalances
  • The Fertility Awareness method  
  • Digestive concerns 
  • Nervous System imbalances
  • Immune System dysfunction
  • Weight loss and detoxification 




 Writing & Research 

 I am a passionate writer and researcher.

If you need a qualified wellness columnist or contributor for your website, magazine or business,

please email hello@emataylor.com.

I am Wellbeing Magazines beauty columnist and have contributed to Vogue Wellbeing magazine, Nature & Health Magazine, The Vista, Par Olive, Nine News, Russh Magazine, The Beauty Chef and Lorna Jane


Fertility Support

Learn the fertility awareness method

An evidence-based method that teaches you to identify the fertile and non-fertile phases of your cycle. For contraception, conception or an increased sense of self awarenesses.

Understand your menstrual cycle 

Learn the different phases of your cycle, what your hormones actually do and how to best support yourself throughout these phases for symptom-free periods with diet, lifestyle, self-care and hygiene practices.

Please email hello@emataylor.com to book.



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