Women's Health Naturopath, Nutritionist & Fertility Awareness Educator

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I’m Ema, a Degree Qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator.

I help women understand their unique body, find harmony with their hormones and optimise their fertility.

I’d be honoured to help support you on your health journey.


Worldwide Naturopathic & Nutrition Consultations 

Are you wanting to: 

  • Balance your hormones and improve your overall health?
  • Have symptom free, healthy periods?
  • Use natural contraception that doesn’t interfere with your hormones?
  • Optimise your fertility and improve your chances of conception?
  • Nourish your body before, during and after pregnancy?
  • Feel calm, happy and playful with a strong libido? 

Then you’re in the right place

I offer online 1:1 worldwide consultations to help make these desires your reality.


 Writing & Research 

I’m a passionate writer and researcher and the Beauty columnist for Wellbeing Magazine. I also regularly contribute to online and print publications including

Vogue, WILD and Russh Magazine.

If you need a qualified wellness columnist or contributor for your website, magazine or business, please email hello@emataylor.com.


Fertility Support

Learn the fertility awareness method

An evidence-based method that teaches you to identify the fertile and non-fertile phases of your cycle. For contraception, conception or an increased sense of self awarenesses.

Understand your menstrual cycle 

Learn the different phases of your cycle, what your hormones actually do and how to best support yourself throughout these phases for symptom-free periods with diet, lifestyle, self-care and hygiene practices.

Please email hello@emataylor.com to book.



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