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It’s easy to feel like the Queen of Purity whilst tucking into your daily salad, though as we all now know, not all salads are created equal. There really is an art to creating a nutritionally balanced, yet equally satisfying and filling salad. So, in the search of creating the perfect salad to have your insides singing and skin beaming, we called on our resident Nutritionist and Naturopath, Ema Taylor to outline the non-negotiable ingredients to leave you feeling beautified and balanced.


Ema tells P/O that in order to keep hormones balanced (meaning glowy skin, weight regulation and balanced moods) you must always ensure you remember to add some kind of healthy fat to every single salad.


‘Once you start to introduce healthy fats, your skin texture will refine, your hair will become thicker and shinier, and you are supporting healthy hormone production, resulting in a more balanced mind and body and fewer cravings.’


What healthy fats does a Naturopath recommend? 

–  ½ Avocado

– A handful of crushed nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans are our top picks)

– 2 tablespoons of tahini mixed with 2 tablespoons of olive oil for your dressing

– Pumpkin seeds

– Goats cheese

– Ghee


Whatever tickles your fancy, select one or more as your next salad addition for an easy dose of hormone balancing action to leave you feeling balanced, energised and fulfilled.


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Written by Olivia Boyd-Smith – Founder & Editor Par Olive.

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