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I headed to India for 6 weeks over summer and while I knew I didn’t have much hope in preparing myself mentally for the magnificently manic country, I was sure to arrange a wellbeing travel kit to support me on my journey.

Here is what I packed

Travel pack pro biotics – Take daily to restore microflora, strengthen your gut and minimize the chances of a bad bacteria overgrowth leading to the infamous Delhi belly. *Remember to get ones that can be out of the fridge. (I chose Biomedica Tri flora pro biotic)
Activated charcoal powder – Binds to toxins, bacteria, viruses and fungus in the intestines promoting elimination. Reduces bloating, flatulence and constipation. *Up your intake of water when taking charcoal. (You can take any medical grade brand)
Iron tablets – If your trip is for an extended period of time and meat wont be a favorable meal choice an iron supplement is a good idea. (I use Dr Vera’s Pure innovation Iron)
Oregano oil – Possesses strong anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti fungal properties – a few drops can be added to water to aid stomach upsets or mixed with coconut oil and applied topically to heal wounds or relieve muscle aches. Be cautious with this and do not take every day, as Oregano oil is strong and can reduce ‘good’ microflora if taken to regularly.
Echinacea – One of my favourite herbs to fight infection and boost your immunity, taking a few mls a day is a great preventative whilst traveling.
Supergreen powder – There’s no denying the food in India is incredible, however it does lack fresh greens. 1tsp a day provides you with valuable nutrients that alkalise, detoxify and cleanse your insides following all those curries. (I use Synergy supergreen powder)

Travel shots are a personal choice and I advise doing your research on where exactly you are going and if they are high-risk areas for disease. Vaccinations can have serious side effects, (obviously so can catching a disease), so go with what feels right to you. For example, before India I got the Hepatitis vaccination, as it is the most easily contracted disease through contaminated food and water.

Enjoy the journey; it sure is an eye opener. X