Did you know 80% of resolutions set in January fail by February?!
I don’t like to set myself up for failure, so instead of resolutions I create some space to sit down, sip a cup of tea & get clear about what it is I wish to cultivate in the coming year.

Here are 4 ways that help me.


1. REFLECTION ~ A wonderful gift that we gain from taking a few weeks rest over the holidays is a fresh perspective on life. Creating space to reflect on the year that has been can offer great insight into what was & wasn’t serving you.


Where in your year did you feel in alignment? Everything was flowing with ease, you were happy and content? How can you bring more of this into 2019? Possibly more time in nature, finding a better work – play balance, creating more YOU time, playing more sport or having better boundaries around social media.


Now think about the times last year that you felt stuck, like you were trudging through mud or weren’t operating at your very best. How can you prevent feeling like this again? Possibly you need to make some changes, whether that be work, friend circles, social life or reaching out & seeking professional guidance with a health concern you are dealing with.


2. INTENTIONS ~ I write down personal & professional goals and intentions for the year ahead. I choose a few words that help anchor me back & remind me of what it was I desired when times get tough later in the year. For example: intuition, clarity, playfulness, abundance.

Write these down and come back each month to reflect on them & see how you are going, remembering goals can change & evolve – just like you do.


3. GET ORGANISED ~ Create some space for life admin, yes it can be painful but my goodness it feels great when you tick things off that have been hanging over your head and weighing you down for weeks, months, maybe even years! Clean up your desk, your cupboards – donate clothes that you no longer need & re-organise your spice cabinet.

Getting organised will help free up brain space & leave you feeling clearer, more creative and ready to tackle a new year.


4. CREATE DAILY NON-NEOGOTIABLES ~ If you only choose to do 1 of these tips make it this one as small habits have the ability to change your life. Daily non-negotiables are rituals that help serve your health & happiness so you can thrive & get the most out of life.

Here are a few of mine:

– Sipping a slow cup of tea to wake up & a cup of Ceremony Cacao to wind down

– Movement

– Mindfulness

– Nature

– Playfulness

– Reading

– Quality time with my fiancé

– Wholesome food & at least 2L of water


What are your non-negotiables? I would love to hear!


Here’s to a year filled with magic for all.