The change in the weather usually comes as a shock to our system and it is around this time when everyone begins to feel a bit rundown and poorly. Prevention is better than a cure and the best way to avoid catching a cold is to build your Immune system up so it can fight off any lurking bacteria that want to get you down.

Whenever I feel a bit off, my go to natural remedies are as follows:

– Dice one clove of garlic up and swallow whole before bed – (dont chew! as chewing it will leave the taste in your mouth and make your breath smell – if you swallow it whole you wont have garlic breath – promise!!) mix with a teaspoon of coconut oil and it slides down easily, if you dont like this idea chase it with some juice. Garlic is the most amazing bacteria and fungal fighter and immune system booster – it will go straight to work in your body and the next day you will feel the difference.


– Echinacea drops, I take these drops almost every day in winter as they are such an amazing herb for supporting a strong immune system. If you’re feeling a little under the weather echinacea is your saving grace.


– Lemon, ginger and honey tea is an age old remedy for when you feel sick, have a sore throat or a cough; this simple little concoxion really does help. Lemon is packed full of vitamin C and does wonders for your immune system, acts to neutralise your PH levels and detoxifies your liver. Ginger is an anti inflammatory and antioxidant, it is commonly used as a soothing agent to treat stomach upsets, upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, bronchitis and nausea – I chew on raw ginger when im really sick – it is super strong and not very pleasant but 1 day of chewing on the root will significantly reduce your flu symptoms and clear your blocked nose. Honey is recognised as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial, as well as a soothing agent.


Dont let the cold weather get you down, lets embrace it with new ugg boots and hot chocolates.