If I’m in need of an energy hit throughout the day a glass of fresh green veggie juice does the trick. Once you start regularly juicing it only takes a week or so for you to notice the amazing benefits it has on your health and then you won’t want to stop.

Some peoples bodies are severely ‘clogged up’ due to many years of poor food choices. This means they are not absorbing nutrients from the vegetables they eat as well as they could be. By juicing your veggies, your body is able to fast track digestion and in turn able to absorb the important nutrients more easily. Once you start, your on the right track to detoxing your body.

Raw juicing dramatically improves your immune system, fights inflammation & helps to alkalise your body.

Your juices should mainly consist of vegetables – fruit juices are high in sugar, however Carrots and beets are sweet when juiced so Its usually fine to go easy on others.

By starting your morning with a fresh juice you path the way to a healthy rest of your day. Here are some health benefits that come with juicing:

* Wakes you up & gives you a natural energy hit

* Clearer and brighter skin (does wonders for acne or blemishes)

* Better digestion

*Regular bowel movements

*Reduced cravings for sweet treats

*Improved immune system

*Reduce acidity and toxins in your body

*Helps you start your day the right way 🙂

Below is the juice I make every morning, sometimes I mix it up depending on what is in the fridge, but this is my usual go to. At first most people struggle with having a complete green juice – if this is the case add half an apple or a carrot for some sweetness and after a while aim at trying your taste buds on an all green one – I promise you will love the taste in the end 🙂

*3 cellery sticks

*Half a cucumber

*Handful of kale

*Half a lemon

*A cube of ginger

*A handful of mint

Other great veggies to juice are : baby spinach, carrot, apple, beetroot, avocado, broccoli, citrus fruits.

Drink up. X