Ceremony Cacao

Ceremony Cacao is naturopathically crafted with love and intention by Ema Taylor.


We understand and embrace the power of food as medicine and are focused on improving accesibility to fair-trade, organic, whole foods. To stay true to this ethos we are reestablishing the Ceremony associated with food, beginning with an ancient darling, Cacao.


Ceremony is hand made in small batches using the highest quality, organic ingredients. We blend cold pressed, unroasted, enzyme rich Peruvian cacao beans with a handful of Mother Nature’s superfoods and a whole lot of love to produce a pure, powerful and delicious chocolate powder for drinking, baking, raw food treats, or really anywhere you’d like a nourishing chocolate boost!


Ceremony is here to enrich your life, excite your taste buds and increase your overall sense of well-being, one slow sip at a time.


In Ceremony you will find:


– No preservatives

– No additives

– No refined sugar

– No artificial colours or flavours


Theobroma Cacao, (Latin for ‘Food of the Gods’), the primary ingredient in Ceremony, has been used for centuries as a sacred offering in spiritual, ritual and medicinal practices (read more here).


Bring a daily dose of Ceremony into your routine and embrace the power and pleasure that come with this ritual. With each sip take the time to reflect and be grateful for this moment.


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