Three words of advice – START DRINKING GRASS!

Barley grass offers more protein than a sirloin steak, five times the amount of iron as broccoli, seven times more vitamin C than orange juice and 11 times more calcium than milk!

– The number one reason I love Barley grass so much is because it helps to alkalise your body and therefore balance your PH levels. Your bodies Ph levels play a big role in fighting disease and making sure everything is functioning correctly.

– It helps with DNA repair

– It acts as a free radical remover, reducing the amount of free radicals in the blood

– Improves skin health and complexion, and help with acne issues

– Helps in aiding weight loss

– Has helped with the treatment of arthritis and provides relief from pain

– Helps in the treatment of asthma

– Helps combat blood clots

– Has known cancer fighting benefits – especially breast cancer

– Helps reduce cholesterol

– Is helpful against diabetes, as it delays blood vessel damage

– Helps reduce fatigue

– Helps to reduce inflammation

– Helps treat migraines

– Helps to relieve stomach and intestinal disorders.

I use the powder form which I buy at whole foods – ‘Naturya Organic barley Powder’ you can find it at most health shops or online. I stir 1-2 tsps into a glass of water and drink in the morning before a fresh juice .

Enjoy! x

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