What does mindful eating mean? It means no more fad diets or fixating on each and every bit of food you eat. It means enjoying your food and listening to what your body needs, to run efficiently and be healthy and happy.


An easy way to tune into your eating habits is to ask yourself the following before meals:


What, Why, When, Who, Where & How


What is it you’re eating? Is it a whole food (in it’s most natural form) or is it processed? Have you read the label and do you understand what each ingredient is?


Avoid processed foods as much as possible – aim to eat real food so you feel confident it is nutritious.


Why are you eating? Are you truly hungry or are you stressed? Bored? Feeling down? Hormonal? Celebrating?


Be mindful of these habits, this is when change can be implemented and you can be prepared with healthier options.


When are you eating? Do you skip meals? Or have an incredibly large helping at one point in the day?


Make it a priority to eat breakfast, which will set you up for the day. Follow this with evenly spaced meals throughout the day.


Who is growing your food and where does it come from?


Many factors affect the quality and nutrition content of our food. Is it locally produced or has it travelled miles and been in storage for months? Does the farmer use toxic sprays or is it spray free or organic?  Shopping at your local markets is a wonderful way to support local farmers and learn where your food comes from.


How are you eating?


Digestion starts in the mind – when you think about food a message is sent to your salivary glands to start the digestion cascade. However, if you are in a rush the cascade that follows will be impaired.


Stop and be mindful when you eat. Use your senses and appreciate the smell, colour, texture and taste. Give thanks for your nutritious food; which is the Earth’s best form of medicine.